The Stratton Setlist Receives Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster Award

I’d like to thank Robin from One Sunny Place for nominating me for a Liebster Award. It’s an honor to receive this recognition and be part of a growing community of bloggers who write about what they enjoy most.

It’s time to pass the baton, so here are my Liebster Award nominations:



Along the Side of the Road

Soundtrack Alley

Parenthood & Passports

Lily Zacharias

Hello Happiness!

Lost in Theatre

Memoirs of a 21st Century Time Traveler

My Groovy Little Soul

The Cultured Traveler

Please see the official rules below for the acceptance and nomination of the Liebster Award.


1. When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging in August 2015 to write about my love of music. I’m a frequent concert goer, vinyl album collector and professional writer, so my friends encouraged me to start a music blog, The Stratton Setlist.

2. What’s your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is bringing people together. I’m the one who often organizes social gatherings with my family and friends. It’s natural for me to spend time with several people at once doing something that we all enjoy – concerts, movies, dinners and gatherings.

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‘Moth to the Flame’ – Chairlift Attracts Ann Arbor, Mich. Crowd with Spellbinding April 4 Live Show

Chairlift performs at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Mich. on April 4.

I quickly glanced down and typed the words, “Get Real,” into my cell phone.

Not long after I finished, I felt instant pressure being applied to the back of my phone.

“What the …?” I thought to myself.

I looked up and saw the clear heel of Caroline Polachek’s white plastic boot tapping my phone.

The Chairlift frontwoman nonverbally scolded me for being in the phone zone and not watching her band’s performance of “Get Real” on Monday at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Mich. I was standing at the front right corner of the stage, so I should’ve known I wasn’t anonymous.

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