‘High Hopes’ – Pink Floyd’s ‘Division Bell’ Tune Rings Promising Future

The division bell chimes to signal the start of a new era.

It’s an era filled with promise, wisdom and hope for a fruitful life that unravels new adventures.

In those adventures, I highly anticipate the gatherings, experiences, concerts and music that will fill my life with joy.

One could say I have “High Hopes” for the fourth decade of my life, which will arrive in a matter of weeks and encourage me to reflect back on who I’ve become.

At this point, nothing sums it up better than Pink Floyd’s 1994 ode to what’s been lost and gained in life, “High Hopes,” from “The Division Bell.”

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‘Painkillers’ – Brian Fallon’s Title Track Gives Small Dose of Escapement

It only takes a small needle to make the pain go away.

No, I’m not talking about a hypodermic needle, but a record needle. There’s a calm sense of euphoria that washes over me when I hear a needle drop delicately on a vinyl record.

At that moment, I can leave the present day and escape briefly into a new world the artist has personally created with his music and lyrics.

In a sense, I’m taking a quick journey into the mind of someone I’ve never met and imagining life through his eyes. It’s akin to personifying the emotions of Joy, Fear and Sadness in the 2015 Pixar animated film, “Inside Out.”

I can picture all three emotions running through Brian Fallon’s head when he sings “Painkillers,” the title track off The Gaslight Anthem frontman’s new solo album, which dropped March 11.

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‘Everlong’ – Foo Fighters Release Humorous Video to Squash Breakup Rumors

Despite the rumors, Foo Fighters are in it for the “Everlong” haul.

David Grohl and his bandmates released a witty seven-minute “Official Band Announcement” video yesterday poking fun at breakup rumors, which surfaced after Grohl gave an acoustic solo performance of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” during Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Leave it to the Foos to play the media for a fool and develop such a clever response. It’s hard not to respect a bunch of musicians who inject some much needed humor after the music press wrongfully speculated the band’s demise.

The humorous video opens with recent headlines promoting the Foos’ pending breakup and shifts to footage of drummer Taylor Hawkins admitting the band needs a break.

As the Hawkins footage fades out, the camera focuses on a painted portrait of Grohl wearing a white ascot with an orange coat while holding a wine goblet and a cigarette.

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