State of Mind – VK Lynne Smashes Self-Doubt on New Upbeat ‘Brain Waves’ Single

VK Lynne’s latest single, “Brain Waves,” encourages listeners to overcome self-doubt and anxiety.

For VK Lynne, it’s simply a case of mind over matter.

The Los Angeles alt rock singer-songwriter triumphantly tackles lingering self-doubt and paralyzing anxiety on her uplifting new pop-fueled anthem, “Brain Waves,” out now via all streaming platforms.

“I wrote this song several years ago, and finally, this seemed to be the time for it. There are perceptions, expectations and stereotypes about ourselves that we sometimes unknowingly give into and allow ourselves to be held down by other people’s rules. When you finally work out that realization in your mind, your ‘brain waves’ goodbye to the ideas that don’t serve us. There is hope in that departure and freedom,” she said.

Throughout “Brain Waves,” Lynne proudly shares her personal sense of freedom as intermittent vibrant piano, rhythmic finger snaps, humming synths, fuzzy electric guitars, bouncy bass and pounding drums bolster her growing confidence. She soulfully sings, “As it always is/Ain’t how it’s gotta be/Crumpling the page and I’m aiming/For the basket next to me/I’m as empty as the can/Baby can you deal with the drama/Can you fill me up again/And we’ll hold our fire.”

“I usually write my songs in a huge heart-vomiting purge, and this one was no exception. I attempted to put together a production; I played bass, guitar and programmed drums and made the world’s worst mix right after I wrote it. But when I pulled it out this year, I decided that it deserved better,” said Lynne, who plans to release a new video for “Brain Waves” soon.

“My idea was to try something totally different. I’ve done blues, rock, metal and prog, but this had a feel that was decidedly unique to my catalog. I contacted my friends Alexx Calise and Dennis Morehouse of Batfarm. They came on to produce, and we gave this song an upbeat, pop-rock treatment that it seemed to want.”

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‘Dancing With The Moonlit Knight’ — Genesis Prog Classic Transports Fans to Mythical World

The green, orange and red beaded butterfly curtain is my passageway to another land.

As I hear the beads collide against one another, I feel the energy change around me. The laws of science no longer apply and the power of logic is defeated by magic and art.

I’ve just stepped inside a medieval land dominated by knights, dragons, elves, wolves, wizards and royalty.

Radiant hues of sap green, yellow ochre, phthalo blue and alizarin crimson adorn the mystical landscape. The brilliant scenery is a painting in my mind’s eye that comes to life to right before me.

As I absorb the lush beauty around me, I suddenly hear a voice cry out:

“Can you tell me where my country lies?”

I quickly turn my head and see Peter Gabriel singing a cappella to me dressed in shiny plate mail wearing a galea.

Gabriel’s question is the opening line to Genesis’ 1973 prog classic “Dancing With the Moonlit Knight.”

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