‘Everlong’ – Foo Fighters Release Humorous Video to Squash Breakup Rumors

Despite the rumors, Foo Fighters are in it for the “Everlong” haul.

David Grohl and his bandmates released a witty seven-minute “Official Band Announcement” video yesterday poking fun at breakup rumors, which surfaced after Grohl gave an acoustic solo performance of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” during Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Leave it to the Foos to play the media for a fool and develop such a clever response. It’s hard not to respect a bunch of musicians who inject some much needed humor after the music press wrongfully speculated the band’s demise.

The humorous video opens with recent headlines promoting the Foos’ pending breakup and shifts to footage of drummer Taylor Hawkins admitting the band needs a break.

As the Hawkins footage fades out, the camera focuses on a painted portrait of Grohl wearing a white ascot with an orange coat while holding a wine goblet and a cigarette.

Beneath the “royal” portrait, Grohl and Garbage’s Butch Vig contemplate the Foos frontman’s future after his Oscar performance.

Grohl quickly decides it’s time to go solo. “I’m holding them back,” he said. “I’m setting them free. It’s a win-win situation. Those guys get to do their thing, and I get to find myself and be me.”

Vig responds to Grohl’s idea by suggesting a solo career in electronica with keyboards and laptops. “The music is in the box,” Vig said. “All you have to do is hit one button.”

Next, the video shows the remaining Foos – Pat Smear, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and Hawkins – reacting to Grohl’s decision to go solo. Smear’s reaction captures it best, “He’s gone f—-in’ Hollywood!”

While Grohl experiments with his solo electronica material, Smear, Mendel, Shiflett and Hawkins decide to take matters into their own hands and meet to brainstorm new lead singers.

Fourteen prospective singers’ names, including Sammy Hagar, Vince Neil, Gwen Stefani, Phil Collins and others, are scribbled on a sheet of paper. The four Foos debate back and forth until 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey bursts into the room to save the day, and says, “I got here as fast as I could.”

He’s quickly shown singing part of “Everlong” with the Foos as he auditions for Grohl’s spot. Surprisingly, Lachey performs “Everlong” quite well, and it’s not something music critics would typically expect.

Most critics would scoff at seeing Lachey sing a Foos tune, but that’s what makes the video so memorable. Grohl’s not afraid to bring a former boy band singer in on the joke and let the Foos have the last laugh.

As Lachey’s version of “Everlong” fades out, the Foos answer the breakup rumors with their real response: “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up. And nobody’s going f—-ing solo!”

That response is classic Grohl and Foos, and it makes me listen to “Everlong” in a whole new light.

Bravo, guys. Bravo! We can’t wait for the next musical charade you have up your sleeve.




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