‘Walking On A Dream’ – Empire of the Sun Collaborates with Lindsey Buckingham on New Album

A new Empire of the Sun album, “Two Vines,” will feature contributions from Lindsey Buckingham, legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist, vocalist and producer.

The Australian electronic music duo announced the Oct. 28 release of their third studio album Monday and debuted a new single, “High and Low,” on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean show in Los Angeles today.

“Two Vines” will feature “High and Low,” a new mix of the 2008 smash “Walking On A Dream” and 13 other tracks, including “To Her Door,” which includes guitar and harmonies by Buckingham.

Back in April, I stumbled across a black and white photo of Buckingham on Empire of the Sun’s Facebook page that immediately caught my eye.

The photo featured Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele demonstrating a guitar chord for Buckingham in a Los Angeles. I smiled instantly at the thought of a newer artist working with a legendary guitarist and singer like Buckingham.

In a June 3 article from The Western Australian, Steele recounted how he recruited Buckingham to play on Empire of the Sun’s new album.

Steele emailed his manager about collaborating with Buckingham after having a late night music party of class pop and rock tunes with his wife, Jodi.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time they never get back,” Steele told The Western Australian. “I’ve always wanted to work with my favorite guitarist Lindsey Buckingham so I reached out.”

To Steele’s surprise, Buckingham agreed to the collaboration.

“He got back and said, ‘Fleetwood Mac are off the road, I’m in LA, I’d love to come down,’” Steele said in The Western Australian article.

Another black and white photo of Buckingham collaborating with Steele surfaced on Empire of the Sun’s Facebook page in May. The photo featured Steele holding a classic Turner Model 1 electric guitar, which Buckingham has played since 1979.

Buckingham co-wrote “To Her Door,” which Steele describes as a “classic song” to The Western Australian, for Empire of the Sun’s new album.

Lindsey Buckingham plays a Fleetwood Mac show at Madison Square Garden in 2014.
Lindsey Buckingham plays a Fleetwood Mac show at Madison Square Garden in 2014.

As a 30-year Fleetwood Mac fan, it’s refreshing to see Empire of the Sun, Delta Rae, Nine Inch Nails and other artists recruit Buckingham for album collaborations.

For years, Buckingham’s stellar finger-plucking playing style has stayed under the radar. In the 1980s, most people pictured Buckingham as a perfectionist holed up in a home studio for years laying down tracks for a delayed solo or Fleetwood Mac album.

That’s changed today as more emerging artists are paying homage to Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac through live and studio covers of his classic tunes.

Showtime also celebrated Buckingham when he  guest appearance on the July 10 episode of “Roadies” playing Fleetwood Mac’s “Bleed to Love Her.”

As a diehard fan, I will tell you Buckingham’s guitar playing is best experienced live during a solo or Fleetwood Mac show.

I have to admit watching Buckingham play his iconic guitar solo on Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 classic “I’m So Afraid” ranks as one of my Top 10 most memorable concert experiences of all time.

Buckingham’s fingers quickly and magically scrape the guitar strings on his Turner Model 1 in a way I’ve never seen another guitarist duplicate.

At age 66, Buckingham is still an absolute powerhouse of a guitarist. Thanks to Steele and Empire of the Sun for keeping Buckingham’s electrifying talent alive and well for new generations to enjoy.

Steele summed it best when he told The Western Australian, “It’s been just a dream come true.”

Luckily, I can walk on a dream each time I hear Buckingham strum any classic Fleetwood Mac chord.

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