Crystalized – The xx’s ‘I See You’ Tour Sparkles at Detroit’s Masonic Temple

Romy Madley Croft performs with The xx at Detroit’s Masonic Temple Tuesday night.

Seven mirrored panels rhythmically twisted and turned along to the shimmering sounds of The xx Tuesday night at Detroit’s Masonic Temple.

The pillars served as the reflective backdrop for the London-based indie pop trio’s brilliant 17-song set before nearly 4,000 fans.

Fans enthusiastically welcomed The xx back to Detroit after nearly a four-year absence and grooved to the illuminating, electronic tunes from the band’s current album, “I See You.”

The xx kicked off their 80-minute set with “Say Something Loving,” the latest single from “I See You,” and morphed into “Crystalized” from their 2009 debut, “xx.”

Dressed in a short-sleeve black turtleneck and black tuxedo pants, vocalist and bassist Oliver Sim swayed back and forth during the show and graciously responded to the crowd’s appreciative cheers and screams.

“Thank you so much for being here tonight,” said Sim in his quiet, but deep British accent. “It’s going to be a good one, and thank you for having us.”

Sim’s bandmates, guitarist and vocalist Romy Madley Croft and beats guru Jamie “xx” Smith, also wore quintessential black clothing, which served as a suitable contrast to The xx’s gleaming stage setup.

The xx also radiated during “Dangerous,” the opening track from “I See You,” and the crowd cheered when Madley Croft dedicated it to all of the single people.

Other set highlights included “Islands,” “I Dare You,” “VCR,” “Fiction” and the Jamie xx cover, “Loud Places,” featuring Madley Croft on vocals.

Madley Croft sang amidst Jamie xx’s thumping beats and a beautiful prism of lights enveloped her on stage. The gorgeous colorful lights filled the Masonic Temple with an indoor rainbow effect and sonically captured the crowd’s upbeat attitude.

The upbeat attitude grew exponentially throughout The xx’s three-song encore, which included “On Hold,” “Intro” and “Angels.”

The xx’s Oliver Sim

During “On Hold,” Jamie xx experienced a minor technical difficulty while playing the beats for the band’s first single from “I See You.”

The band paused momentarily while the crowd loudly sang in unison: “When and where did we go cold?/I thought I had you on hold.”

“We f***ed up, but that was beautiful,” Sim said.

Beautiful, indeed. While the band members quietly talked to the crowd on stage, their energetic live performance spoke volumes.

“Detroit, wow!” said Madley Croft softly as the crowd’s cheers grew louder. “You have been so warm and so welcoming to us. We don’t expect that, and it means the world to us.”

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