Kesha Sparkles for Glitter-covered Fans at Sold-out Detroit Fillmore Show

Kesha sings about hope, authenticity and growth at The Fillmore Detroit.

Kesha’s latest album cover for “Rainbow” is reminiscent of ‘70s prog rock artwork.

The bejeweled flying saucers, pink-tinged planets and Kesha’s naked backside are quintessential images for a modern-day interpretation of a prog rock-inspired album cover for a pop singer-songwriter.

That’s what I love about Kesha. She takes a cool album art concept from the past and reimagines it for the present. It’s her vision for what truly lies on the other side of the rainbow.

Her colorful album cover nicely houses 14 raw, transformational songs that fall inside and out of the typical pop spectrum with rock and country influences.

Kesha performed 10 of her album gems – including “Learn to Let Go,” “Hymn,” “Godzilla,” “Bastards” (my favorite) and others – from “Rainbow” during a sold-out show at The Fillmore Detroit on Sunday.

Tons of fans (both male and female) dressed in colorful tops, dresses, leggings and tutus and drenched in glitter lined up in downtown Detroit to see their “Rainbow” hero. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much glitter in one place.

Kesha carries a country influence throughout “Rainbow.”

I highly admire the solidarity of Kesha’s fans and their utmost respect for her personal and professional transformation. As a feminist, Kesha is indeed a true hero for all of us who are struggling to find our way out of a tough situation.

The theme of perseverance is weaved throughout all of “Rainbow” and reminds fans to look beyond the past and picture a promising future filled with hope, growth and opportunity.

“Thank you for everything and standing by me during the past couple of years,” Kesha said graciously amidst a sea of screaming voices. “I’m feeling particularly full of gratitude tonight so I just want to say thank you. The next song I wrote because I always felt like I never fit in, especially in school I never felt like any of the songs were for me. I never had a hymn. I wanted to write a song for people who feel like I do. This one is dedicated to the dreamers. I’m going to stand by your fight to live freely in this country.”

Yes, Kesha, we dreamers will always stand behind you, and we won’t let the “Bastards” get us down – at least not for one night.

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