‘Everlong’ – Foo Fighters Release Humorous Video to Squash Breakup Rumors

Despite the rumors, Foo Fighters are in it for the “Everlong” haul.

David Grohl and his bandmates released a witty seven-minute “Official Band Announcement” video yesterday poking fun at breakup rumors, which surfaced after Grohl gave an acoustic solo performance of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” during Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Leave it to the Foos to play the media for a fool and develop such a clever response. It’s hard not to respect a bunch of musicians who inject some much needed humor after the music press wrongfully speculated the band’s demise.

The humorous video opens with recent headlines promoting the Foos’ pending breakup and shifts to footage of drummer Taylor Hawkins admitting the band needs a break.

As the Hawkins footage fades out, the camera focuses on a painted portrait of Grohl wearing a white ascot with an orange coat while holding a wine goblet and a cigarette.

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Traveling the Writing Road

I write because it’s the real me.

For me, writing is a road I’ve traveled for more than 25 years. I took my first step along the writing road at age 11. I started writing short stories in fifth grade and acted them out in my front yard. I took turns playing all the characters and could see them grow right in front of me.

While I enjoyed the creativity associated with fiction writing, my true love of writing began four years later at another point in my journey. In ninth grade, I joined the high school paper and discovered my writing path led me to journalism.

At age 14, I wrote an article each week for the high school paper and learned my love of asking questions fit perfectly with my penchant for writing. My family and friends used to say that I interviewed every new person I met.

I’ve never had a fear of asking questions, and I still don’t today. Someone needs to find the answers to life’s questions along the writing road, so it might as well be me.

Today, I write professionally as a corporate journalist, but write personally as a music blogger. My favorite writers are musicians, lyricists and poets who open their songs up for interpretation and share different parts of their journeys.

They leave it up to fans and casual listeners to find personal meaning in their art. As music aficionado, I relish taking their art and adapting it to fit my life.

Their words, songs and music indirectly tell the story of my life and where I’m headed as a music writer. I’m excited to share those musical interpretations with you along the way, and I hope our paths cross soon.

‘Your Own Special Way’ – Genesis Ballad Brings Sense of Personal Triumph, Renewal

Welcome back, Phil.

I quickly glanced down at my phone to scour the daily music headlines on Facebook Wednesday morning. I came across a Rolling Stone article, “Phil Collins Plotting Comeback: ‘I Am No Longer Retired.’”

Instantly, my jaw dropped when I read the headline. I did a double take. Was it true? Or, am I just reading this in my exhausted work haze?

No, it was true. I quickly scanned the article, and saw his quote in Rolling Stone, “The horse is out of the stable, and I’m raring to go.”

Phil, I’m there to hold the door open when you’re ready to prance back into the music scene. I’ll be in line with thousands of fans worldwide who are eager for your comeback.

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‘Midnight City’ – M83’s Signature Single Pays Homage to Night People, City Life

Editor’s Note: I’d like to thank Soundtrack Alley’s “Plunge Into Oblivion” post for inspiring the latest song I’ve added to The Stratton Setlist.

M83’s “Midnight City” reminds me why I love being a night person.

In my mind, Anthony Gonzalez’s signature song conjures up images of crowded concerts, booming city streets and urban adventures.

It beckons me to visit the city, catch a show at a small club and seek refuge from my daily life.

One of the song’s iconic lyrics, “The city is my church/It wraps me in its binding twilight,” sums up my love of night life.

Each night, I experience a sense of renewal after 8 p.m. It’s the time of day when routines retire, creativity flares and thoughts soar toward future possibilities.

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