The Basement Tapes – Angelo Coppola Releases Alt Rock-Fueled EP ‘The Quarantine Sessions, Vol. 1’

Angelo Coppola performs live with The Lows, a Detroit hard rock quintet.

For Angelo Coppola, Michigan’s coronavirus quarantine feels more like a creative sabbatical.

The Detroit alt rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist dropped a new banger six-track EP, The Quarantine Sessions, Vol. 1, last week to satisfy growing Motor City cravings for additional releases in world currently without “traditional” live music.

“I’m kind of like a songwriting machine, I just can’t stop, and I have way more songs written than I’m able to put out, or I’m able to play with The Lows. I have this back catalog of 30 to 40 finished songs. All six of these are from the past year or so, but they’ve all been developed over time,” said Coppola, who’s also the frontman for The Lows.

“I thought these were the best of the bunch and didn’t know if The Lows would ever play them, but I just wanted to get something out. I’ve had the time now being home with my dad because he helps produce and mix it, and I can finally get a lot of these songs recorded and out that I didn’t have time for before.”

Throughout The Quarantine Sessions, Coppola seeks tantalizing ‘90s alt rock inspiration from genre-heavy royalty, including Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Oasis. A seamless head-banging fusion of aggressive vocals, distorted electric guitars, charging bass and pounding drums immerse listeners in a grungy underworld.

“All six are a wide variety of genres within the rock genre, and I wanted to spread out the styles on the album. It was kind of random the ones we decided to start, and we have eight more that we started, and that I’m going to put out,” Coppola said.

“We’re going to do The Quarantine Sessions, Vol. 2 for sure in the next couple of weeks. It only took us a week to get all six of these done. It was basically like a song a day working down there, and we’re gonna grind out some more, too.”

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‘Everlong’ – Foo Fighters Release Humorous Video to Squash Breakup Rumors

Despite the rumors, Foo Fighters are in it for the “Everlong” haul.

David Grohl and his bandmates released a witty seven-minute “Official Band Announcement” video yesterday poking fun at breakup rumors, which surfaced after Grohl gave an acoustic solo performance of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” during Sunday’s Academy Awards.

Leave it to the Foos to play the media for a fool and develop such a clever response. It’s hard not to respect a bunch of musicians who inject some much needed humor after the music press wrongfully speculated the band’s demise.

The humorous video opens with recent headlines promoting the Foos’ pending breakup and shifts to footage of drummer Taylor Hawkins admitting the band needs a break.

As the Hawkins footage fades out, the camera focuses on a painted portrait of Grohl wearing a white ascot with an orange coat while holding a wine goblet and a cigarette.

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