Homegrown Sound – Cold Tone Harvest, Chris DuPont Share Americana Spirit for Farmington Civic Theater’s Friday Night Live

Plymouth’s Cold Tone Harvest will headline Friday Night Live at the Farmington Civic Theater on Friday.

A Plymouth-based Americana quartet will harvest their homegrown rootsy sound Friday night in Farmington.

Known as Cold Tone Harvest, the band will join Ypsilanti indie folk singer-songwriter Chris DuPont as part of the intimate “Friday Night Live” concert series at the Farmington Civic Theater, 33332 Grand River Ave. in Farmington, at 8 p.m. Friday.

“We’re excited to be in a new venue with new people,” said Brian Williams, Cold Tone Harvest’s drummer and banjo player. “We just hope to keep spreading the word, get a nice little turnout and have a great night together.”

Cold Tone Harvest will perform a headlining set with raw emotional tracks from their latest album, introduce some highly anticipated new tunes and covers and bring DuPont on stage to round out the night. The band also will join DuPont for part of his opening set to add a fresh take on his past, present and future music.

“Chris is going to join us on a bunch of our tunes, and then we’re going to support him when he joins us for a couple of his tunes and maybe mix in a little surprise here or there,” said Williams, who originally hails from Plymouth.

With their rich country-infused melodies, rhythms and instrumentations, Cold Tone Harvest’s Andrew Sigworth (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ozzie Andrews (acoustic bass, bass guitar, bass banjo), Anthony Pace (electric guitar, lap steel, dobro) and Williams will perform thoughtful, heartfelt tunes that poetically chronicle adversity and creatively demonstrate the inner strength to overcome it.

After You album artwork

Whiskey songs, personal reflections and heartache anthems summarize Cold Tone Harvest’s magical 2018 debut album, “After You,” which sonically captures the feel of watching a piercing crimson sunset on a crisp autumn evening while freshly fallen leaves crunch beneath one’s feet.

Formed in 2008, Cold Tone Harvest originally featured soft-spoken singer-songwriter Sigworth in partnership with Williams. Together, the pair advocated for a sonic landscape built around Sigworth’s voice as a centerpiece against a percussive backdrop.

The addition of inimitable upright bassist Andrews gave the band’s music a rowdy drive while Pace’s exquisite dobro, lap steel and electric guitar work added a dense, mournful expanse to each song.

For nearly five years, Cold Tone Harvest has written and performed an invigorating catalog of original Americana music for shows and festivals throughout Michigan. Last year, they teamed up with Ben Daniels to record “After You” at 2188 Studio in Chelsea while DuPont served as producer and musical collaborator. Additional album production work also took place at DuPont’s studio.

“We’ve grown with these songs and grown into them, and we had to put them on a record,” said Williams, who comes from a musical family and cites The Grateful Dead as one of his major musical influences. “It was a real learning experience for our first full record, and we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign where we worked with some incredible people.”

The album’s title track poignantly deals with the tragic loss of Sigworth’s brother while “Out on the Weekend” is a gorgeous folky Neil Young cover featuring Pace on vocals.

“Some of the tunes are a lot older and some are a little bit newer, and with Chris’ help, we were able to get them on the record,” Williams said. “They really fit together nicely.”

After Friday’s show, Cold Tone Harvest will take a three-month break and start performing a roster of shows and festival dates in June. They’ll also work on new material and go back into the studio to record a new single.

“We want to freshen up our tunes and bring in some new material for ourselves and for the listeners, so that’s our hope and our plan over the next couple months,” Williams said. “We’ve got a few shows lined up and booked this summer, there will be a couple of festivals. We’re trying to get around the state a little bit more and down into other parts of the Midwest.”

Chris DuPont

Chris DuPont will perform with Cold Tone Harvest Friday night in Farmington.

For his “Friday Night Live” set, Chris DuPont will debut sparkling new indie folk tracks from his upcoming album, “Floodplains.”

He also will feature crowd favorites from his previous releases, “Outlier” (2015) and “Anxious Animal” (2013) and perform several selections with Cold Tone Harvest.

“I definitely want to play this new material while it’s still fresh, and the show itself is going to be really cool,” DuPont said. “I’m also going to be opening with my older stuff solo and keeping those songs really bare.”

To prepare fans for his set, DuPont recently released two new videos featuring in-studio performances of two exquisite new songs, the delicate ode to enshrining past loves in “White Linen” and the beautiful tribute to platonic relationships in “Jacket,” as part of his successful Kickstarter campaign for “Floodplains.”

In January, DuPont raised more than $17,700 with 238 backers to fund his new album, which will feature Frances Luke Accord’s Nick Gunty as producer. He characterizes “Floodplains” as “an electro-acoustic exploration of memory, dream-state, lineage and redemption.”

“With this new body of work, I started thinking, ‘What am I fascinated by?’ I’ve always been fascinated by lineage and memory,” said DuPont, who was inspired musically by his grandfather and father while growing up in west Michigan.

“I’m also interested in the themes of family systems, lineage and religious systems and how those form where you’re going regardless of whether or not they feel like a big part of your current self.”

For “Floodplains,” DuPont combined these initial introspective themes with the metaphor of a floodplain and personal roots while walking through the woods one day along the Huron River.

“Being in the woods allows everything to come together for me, and I saw a little plaque that said, ‘You are on the alluvial floodplain.’ I did a little reading and learned there are a whole bunch of dead trees with their entire root systems just reaching for the sky, and on a floodplain, there’s really rich soil, but it’s not very deep, so roots are cast horizontally and not vertically, so trees take root, but not deeply, and so they die,” he said.

“That feels like a metaphor for all of my people who are like 28 or 30 right now, and a bunch of friends have grieved with me that they feel uprooted like rootless trees and wonder, ‘Where do I put myself?’”

Throughout 2019, DuPont will take root in several local studios with Gunty to continue recording and finalizing the album for release later this year or early next year.

“Floodplains” also will feature musical contributions from Billy Harrington, Luke Jackson, Katie VanDusen, Christina Furtado and Olivia Millerschin.

“I’ve already started working on the record at this point, and we’re tracking it right now,” DuPont said. “We’re tracking drums in a week or two, and we’re cranking ahead.”

Show Details:

Friday Night Live – Cold Tone Harvest with special guest Chris DuPont

Friday, March 8

Farmington Civic Theater, 33332 Grand River Ave. in Farmington

Doors: 7:30 p.m.

Show: 8 p.m.

Tickets: $15

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