Assemble with Care – Jon Pattie Finds Rejuvenation on ‘Pieces (IVeY Remix)’

JP_Pieces-Remix V2
Jon Pattie tackles depression on “Pieces (IVeY Remix) in collaboration with Jordan “IVeY” Iverson.

Fueled by tenacity and compassion, Jon Pattie boldly rebuilds his sense of self.

The Nashville, Tennessee indie pop singer-songwriter tackles mental health struggles and adopts a renewed mindset on his latest uplifting single, “Pieces (IVeY Remix).”

“‘Pieces’ was one of the first songs I wrote when I began my career as a solo musician. Around the same time, I was struggling with depression and writing this song was a way for me to work through what I was feeling from another standpoint,” Pattie said.

“I originally released it on a demo EP and liked it so much I chose to re-release it with Andy Freeman’s and Brad Lindsay’s production behind it. When I hear it now, I feel happy and successful that I was able to relate such a dark point in my life to others in a concise and melodic way.”

Originally a cinematic pop anthem on his Reflections, Vol. II EP, Pattie transformed “Pieces” into a supercharged remix with Denver DJ-producer Jordan “IVeY” Iverson. Tender, spirited synths, fearless electric guitars, confident bass and steadfast drums cleanse the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.

Pattie sings, “She lies lonely on her side/Shedding tears through window eyes/Let me in, I’ll break apart/So we can restart.”

“It’s not only an opportunity for those struggling with depression to remember there are people who care about and support them, but also an opportunity for their friends and family to know they’re not alone,” he said. “Working through depression is difficult, but so is helping someone with depression. It helps to know we aren’t the only ones out there.”

“Like ‘Dream On,’ I wanted to remix ‘Pieces’ because it’s a very important song to me, and I felt it could use another voice. IVeY was incredible to work with. After a brief discussion of the vision I had in mind, he ran with it.”

Part of that “Pieces (IVeY Remix)” vision includes a gripping guitar solo from Pattie intertwined with IVeY’s sleek production.

“(IVeY) had the idea of adding a guitar solo to the track, which I loved that I got to solo again. Really, the entire production was IVeY’s work. I enjoy giving producers full creative liberty to let them be themselves when working with a track of mine,” said Pattie, who’s known IVeY since high school.

“The solo adds a complex, yet simple beauty to this song. It’s a very slow build with a major payoff at the end with the guitar solo. The fact that it seemingly comes out of nowhere is almost metaphorical to the confusion that depression can cause, yet the resolution goes to show it will end.”

Pattie also visually stimulates fans with a kaleidoscopic lyric video for “Pieces (IVeY Remix).” Directed by Rasel, it features brilliant neon hues morphing into people and geometric patterns along with the track.

“His use of brightly colored visuals created a stark contrast from the slow buildup of the remix. I thought it’d bring a different energy to the track, and it was a very easy process to work through,” Pattie said.

Dream On (IVeY Remix)

Credit_ Jenny Faye-Klooster (1) V2
Jon Pattie revisits a past relationship on “Dream On (IVeY Remix).” Photo – Jenny Faye-Klooster

In September, Pattie dropped a cosmic reinterpretation of “Dream On (IVeY Remix)” in collaboration with IVeY. The remix catapults Pattie’s original atmospheric pop ballad into an EDM stratosphere filled with contemplative piano, sonorous drums, interstellar synths and propulsive bass.

“I pitched him the idea because I’ve always wanted to do a remix. I love supporting my friends and supporting the community, so I found an opportunity to be able to work with a friend and someone I respect in the music industry. I knew we could make something great together,” Pattie said.

Throughout “Dream On (IVeY Remix),” Pattie wistfully recalls a past love and the long-term potential it once had. He sings, “Two hundred miles away/Your cherry scent still on my clothes/A kiss I never gave/Only a question left unknown.”

“I was seeing a woman my last semester of college, and we were both graduating at the same time. She was going to move back home to her family, and I was going to move out to Nashville, so we knew it wasn’t a relationship. It was a situationship,” said Pattie, who grew up in Plano, Texas.

“We were both at this crux in our lives, so there wasn’t any place for commitment. I wrote it shortly after I moved to Nashville. It wasn’t ready for Reflections, Vol. I; I was holding it off. By the time, I got around to recording Reflections, Vol. II, it was ready.”

Plano to Austin

Credit_ Shelby Ray V2
Jon Pattie traded a potential career in engineering for music in 2018. Photo – Shelby Ray

While growing up in Plano, Pattie felt ready for music in sixth grade. At the time, he played cello in the school band, but aspired to learn guitar.

“I thought if I learned cello, then that would transition to guitar. It does not at all. I got my first guitar for Christmas in seventh grade. Then, I basically haven’t put it down,” he said.

While learning guitar and exploring music, Pattie developed a deep appreciation for Sum 41, Blink-182, The All-American Rejects, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping with Sirens and August Burns Red.

“I picked up songwriting pretty quickly once I picked up the guitar. I always liked poetry, too, and writing poems was just a creative outlet,” he said.

“I was one of the kids that got made fun of a lot in all my friend groups, so I quickly learned to wall myself off. I wouldn’t allow myself to feel things, so songwriting and poetry became my way to let my emotions out and let myself feel whatever it was I was going through.”

By high school, Pattie served as the lead songwriter for a series of bands. In 10th grade, he joined Tuesday’s Mourning and later added To Be Consumed and Hero Appeal to his musical roster.

“For Hero Appeal, we released an EP in 2011-2012, but it’s not up on Spotify or anything. We just had physical copies of it. I was always the lead guitar, but I wasn’t a singer at that point,” Pattie said. “In Hero Appeal, I did backup vocals, but I wasn’t confident enough in my own singing ability to be able to do the frontman kind of singing.”

After high school, Pattie attended the University of Texas at Austin and studied chemical and biomolecular engineering. Fascinated with STEM fields, he initially opted to pursue an engineering career path over a musical one.

“In my mind at the time, it was still a backup. Now, I’m a firm believer that you can’t have a plan B; it’s only plan A. But at the time, it was a plan B until I took an externship and worked for seven months for a consulting company as an engineer,” Pattie said.

“It was my first experience doing a 40-hour work week job behind a desk, and I also went out into the field and worked in a chemical plant. It was a great experience, it was not for me.”

Reflections and Beyond

JP_RV2_AlbumCover V2
Jon Pattie explores personal and professional growth on his “Reflections” EP series.

During his externship, Pattie quickly became depressed, questioned his future and decided to pursue music full-time after graduation.

“That’s when I officially started my solo career, and during that externship is when I started writing ‘Pieces’ off my last EP,” he said. “I wrote it from another perspective, but that was me dealing with depression. ‘Won’t Be Young’ from Reflections, Vol. I was also written while I was still working.”

In 2016, Pattie released his introspective debut EP, 3 2 1, which included hints of indie pop fused with jazz and blues elements. He recorded the three-track EP with Nashville producer Kevin Chin.

“Kevin helped walk me through the process of working with a producer and how that plays out. We were recorded those (tracks) in his house, and then he brought in a few players to fill them out,” Pattie said.

“Up until that point, I had been in bands surrounded by three or four other guys, and we had everything planned out before we went into the studio. Now, it was like I just had these acoustic songs, and we had to build up everything around them.”

By 2018, Pattie relocated to Nashville after graduating from college and started recording his Reflections EP series, which thoughtfully explores his personal and professional growth. Reflections, Vol. I dropped later that year while Reflections, Vol. II hit streaming platforms in May.

“I felt like I was discovering myself for the first time as I was pursuing this new path in my life. I wanted to communicate with others the reflections I was having as I was going through this,” said Pattie, who worked with Engine 3 Production’s Josh Hastick on Vol. I and Studio Punch-Up!’s Andy Freeman, Brad Lindsay and Eric Barfield on Vol. II.

“I’m in the works with Vol. III, which is going to be some happier stuff. I feel like Vol. I and a little bit of Vol. II have some of that depression element to them. I’m excited for some of this later stuff because it’s going to be touching on some lighter and more serious stuff, but it’s moving away from mental health and more toward general life.”

With 2022 just days away, Pattie plans to release new material, grow his #12writers live music series and play more solo shows.

“The rest of December is all about winding down, reflecting and preparation. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been recording for my singles in 2022 and have booked out shows as soon as the new year begins,” he said.

“Either toward the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, Reflections, Vol. III is gonna come out. I’m still feeling it out. I know Vol. IV will be shortly after. I’m 27, and my goal is to do my first full album by the time I’m 30.”

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