Soulful Path – ANA Explores Self-Love, Personal Growth on ‘Fall With Me’ Single

fall w me
ANA shares her deepest emotional reflections and vulnerabilities on “Fall With Me.” Photo – Miles Marie

Filled with sensual, soulful grooves and mellow, jazzy soundscapes, ANA beautifully embarks on a newfound path of self-discovery and intimacy.

Along her transformative journey, the Detroit neo-soul singer-songwriter shares her deepest emotional reflections and vulnerabilities while poignantly embracing personal growth and exhilaration on “Fall With Me.”

“This song is a trifecta of things. A lot of it is about exploring intimacy and being open to that. But self-love was a big one, especially during the pandemic because we have spent so much time being isolated from each other. I feel like a lot of the things we desire become a lot more physical and manifest in a way of self-care while deepening the expectations we have for ourselves and the things that we love to do,” said Ana Gomulka, aka ANA.

Now available on all streaming platforms, “Fall With Me” magically transports listeners to a carefree, breezy spring day that provides instant relief and ample time to recharge. Thoughtful, enduring trumpet, delicate drums, mellifluous bass, fluttering synth and vivid electric guitar provide a mesmerizing escape into ANA’s dreamy world.

Gomulka beautifully sings, “Cause when you show up at my place/And ring my bell/I’ve been feelin’ for ya/You know very well/But if this is too much for you, yeah/We can just kick it like we used to.”

“I decided to put this song out first because I’ve been working on a lot of music that’s going to be coming out in 2021. I also wanted to make this a love song to my audience and the people who have supported me throughout the whole time I’ve been making music,” said Gomulka, who also fronts the jazz-fusion group Honey Monsoon.

“I’ve been writing songs since I was 13 years old, and this is the first time I’ve ever officially put out a single myself as a solo artist. I wanted to make this single to invite people to follow me into the joy of what I’ll be sharing. I’ve always been a really sensual, vulnerable person, and I think a lot of authenticity lies there.”

Fall With Me” also serves as ANA’s first new material since releasing Honey Monsoon’s 2019 enchanting album, Opal Soul. She invited an all-star team of collaborators to join her on the track, including Haruki Hakoyama (bass, trumpet), Sasha Kashperko (guitar), Todd Watts (drums) and Barry Chambliss (keys), and meld captivating R&B grooves with jazzy, hip-hop beats.

“This song was actually something that just came to me. I had studio time booked already for different songs, but this song was the newest and the freshest one. I had just laid down the guitar part first for the demo,” said Gomulka, who recorded the track at Fundamental Sound Co.

“I did the instrumental, and then the vocals came while the lyrics came afterward. I just reflected and manifested in feeling what I really wanted people to get out of this song. I’ve also been making a lot of electronic music, but I thought it was important to have actual instrumentation on it. I think that comes with the realness of my music, and it’s a reflection of my musical spirit.”

Meditation, Beats and Art

ANA grows her creative spirit through meditation music, beats and artwork. Photo – Miles Marie

ANA continues to grow her musical spirit through curative, introspective meditation tracks on her new YouTube channel. Earlier this month, she released “Freedom Meditation & Visual,” a tranquil, cathartic video featuring deep, peaceful breaths intertwined with cumulous cloud-covered skies, relaxing bird chirps, majestic butterflies and mystical forests and landscapes. It also features an inspirational quote from the late jazz musician-composer Alice Coltrane.

Coltrane shares, “My personal experience with meditation … It brought me face to face with God. Hand in hand, heart to heart … And almost to the point he was me and I was him. We were just us.”

“It’s not my first time, but it’s something that’s more personal to me. It’s not always something that I’m sharing with a bunch of people, but I really felt inspired with this one and made the track in a project that Sophiyah E. is working on about creative space and what that means to us,” Gomulka said.

“I was in that spirit when I made it, but I wanted to just incorporate the deep breathing. And the Alice Coltrane quote sparked almost the whole meditation and the idea of where we find freedom and where we are able to exist outside of limitation. Meditation is that place for me.”

In addition to meditation music, ANA enjoys beatmaking and sampling different sounds to expand her musical palate. She frequently shares new funky, bouncy beats on her Instagram account and hopes to use them in collaboration with other artists.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of J Dilla and electronic music, and I’m fascinated by the sampling process. That’s kind of what has influenced making more beats and exploring different places where music has been and what my legacy is in music. Hopefully, I’ll continue growing, and one day they will all kind of fuse together,” she said.

ANA fuses additional creative elements together through her vibrant, transformational artwork, which encompasses a multicultural experience filled with humanity and emotion. Each piece represents a compelling story that arises from her artistic evolution.

“I’m just trying to feel free, and I enjoy exploring my own creativity in every medium. Sometimes it’s easier for me to create or express myself through a painting than it is for me to do that in a song. It all comes down to finding your most authentic self in that moment,” Gomulka said.

With a variety of creative projects in process, ANA will continue to release additional new material, including a previously recorded Honey Monsoon track called “Soul Samba” on May 1. She’s also working on a new lyric video for “Fall With Me,” which will be released soon.

“I have a lot of songs that I’m ready to begin releasing, so you’ll definitely see a few more singles coming from me. I hope to put out an album maybe next year,” she said.

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