In the Moment – Kyle Mikolajczyk Captures Creative Spontaneity for ‘Echoes in Eternity’ Single

Kyle Mikolajczyk brings soothing Motor City sounds to his latest instrumental single, “Echoes in Eternity.” Photo – Karen Ritchey / LUX Artist Management

Kyle Mikolajczyk credits a looper guitar pedal and “The Office” TV series with inspiring his debut solo single, “Echoes in Eternity.”

Back in 2019, the Detroit hard-rock guitarist summoned those creative influences for his serene instrumental and fully embraced the moment.

“I was trying to find different chord patterns and landed on the acoustic/rhythm guitar pattern that you hear in the song and then recorded what I was doing on my phone,” Mikolajczyk said.

“During the moment I was recording it, I had ‘The Office’ on the TV in the background, and right before I started playing, the character Dwight yelled, ‘Whatever you do in this life echoes in eternity!” Every time I would play it back, that’s what I would hear first. It seemed like a sensible working title, so thanks, Dwight, or Rainn Wilson!”

That unexpected artistic fusion resulted in the soothing sounds of “Echoes in Eternity.” Everlasting waves of bluesy electric guitar, radiant acoustic guitar, humming bass, shimmery synth, soft drums and ticking percussion immerse listeners in unexpected bliss.

“After years of putting out music with different groups, it’s been a totally different game releasing music as a solo musician. I’m able to go any route I like, and that’s a great feeling,” said Mikolajczyk, who plays in about a dozen different Detroit bands.

“Listeners have been extremely receptive and supportive … since I’m usually known for straight-forward rock ‘n’ roll. Within the construction of the song, I made sure there was an undeniable sense of comfort, care, love and beauty.”

To bring the track’s tranquility to life, Mikolajczyk worked with Dearborn engineer Robert Cadena and Detroit drummer/percussionist Garrett Ramsden.

“I’ve been developing the song over the last few years, and I finally got into the studio this [past] fall to get to work on releasing it,” he said. “They were both able to add so much to this track … very professional and thorough.”

Mikolajczyk also took “Echoes in Eternity” to the next level with a glistening Detroit-centric video directed by Envysion Entertainment’s Augustine Cruz.

It features Mikolajczyk strumming his electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass while iconic Motor City scenes, including the Detroit River, the city’s skyline and Belle Isle Park, provide a breathtaking backdrop.

“Augustine is an amazing artist that I’m grateful to be working with. I had very little concept or direction for this video; all I knew is that I wanted to capture Detroit in all of its glory and beauty,” said Mikolajczyk, whose video has had nearly 50,000 views in less than three months.

“It appears as if I’m playing the song to the city of Detroit as I’m featured in different locations with the skyline as the background. I chose Belle Isle because it’s one of my favorite local getaways, and I think water accompanies the song really well.”

In addition to “Echoes in Eternity,” Mikolajczyk released an infectious cover of Evil Wiener’s holiday-themed single, “All Around the World,” in December. The track includes Ramsden on drums and Karen Marie Ritchey on backing vocals along with engineering support from Cadena.

“[The song] is a raunchy, tongue-in-cheek punk-rock perspective of Santa Claus … perhaps ending the elusive question of how he delivers all those presents all around the world in just one night,” Mikolajczyk said.

Mikolajczyk also collaborated with Cruz on a new video for “All Around the World,” which spotlights Mikolajczyk playing in Campus Martius Park near the Christmas tree and ice-skating rink while interacting with Santa and local passersby.

“We had to shoot [the video] as quickly as we could without disturbing the peace or flow of foot traffic, but everyone was very happy to have stumbled upon the shooting of a music video and let us do what we needed to,” he said.

Looking ahead, Mikolajczyk will release his next single, “Dream Out Loud,” on Jan. 31 and continue playing acoustic live shows throughout Michigan and the Midwest, including Thursday evenings in February at the Fenton Hotel.

“I’ve been very inspired by the recent support I’ve been getting from family, friends, media and radio,” he said. “I’m very glad to have so many people appreciating what I do.”

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