High Times – Stormy Chromer Celebrates ‘420’ Blind Pig Show with Pajamas, Earth Radio

Stormy Chromer performs at The Blind Pig during a New Year’s Eve 2018 show in Ann Arbor. Photo by Evan Greig

Ann Arbor area music fans will inhale good tunes and times Saturday night at The Blind Pig.

Ypsilanti’s Stormy Chromer will host a “420” show with Pajamas and Earth Radio to celebrate a fluid night of live music on the infamous Mary Jane-centric holiday.

“We have a fun lineup, and we haven’t played with Pajamas in Ann Arbor in a couple of years. We’re really happy with how they’ve been progressing as well, and every time we see them, we want to share a bill with them,” said Amin Lanseur, Stormy Chromer’s drummer and vocalist.

“As for Earth Radio, we found them through Purchase Productions, who manage our friends Chirp. They brought Earth Radio to Club Above six months ago, and they really made an impression on some friends of mine.”

It will be the homegrown progressive jam band’s first appearance at The Blind Pig since their New Year’s Eve show. Together, Stormy Chromer will mix elements of rock, jazz, heavy metal, ska and hip hop to perform a danceable set with Pajamas, a Tree Town improvisational rock, funk and fusion trio, and Earth Radio, a Grand Rapids future soul quintet.

“The energy in the room is very loving and fun, and we’re blessed to have the people who come out and see us,” Lanseur said. “We’re striving for that same type of energy for ‘420’ as well, so obviously it will be the whole pot thing.”

Stormy Chromer’s Amin Lanseur, Spencer Hanson, Brendan Collins and Ryan King

Stormy Chromer’s “420” show will serve the band’s next musical milestone in their five-year history. Formed in 2014, the quartet features Brendan Collins (guitar, vocals), Ryan King (bass, vocals), Spencer Hanson (guitar) and Lanseur blending complex songwriting with real-time compositions to create a unique live experience.

In March, Stormy Chromer celebrated their five-year anniversary at Ziggy’s in Ypsilanti and revisited the first live set from their debut show at the defunct Woodruff’s Bar.

“At the end of the day, we’re looking around the room at each other and realizing five years later that we’re still doing it because it’s what we want to do,” Lanseur said. “It’s a nice grounding reminder that we’re just four buddies having fun playing music, and that’s what’s kept us coming back for five years.”

Since their debut show, Stormy Chromer, who’s moniker serves as an accidental tribute to the legendary cap company, has been steadily on the rise with a growing roster of shows and festivals in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York and Colorado.

“In the last two years, we’ve made a turn toward more dance-oriented stuff, but we still have a lot of sections of our sound that are still more rock and roll,” Lanseur said. “Now, we’re trying to fuse sounds and genres that may not traditionally have a dance element to them with an energy that’s more danceable.”

Solid Sessions EP

The band also has released a series of live recordings via Bandcamp as well as “A Tale of Two Mouths,” their first full-length album in 2016, and “Peace of Pizza,” their debut six-song EP in 2015. Last fall, Stormy Chromer released their latest project, “Solid Sessions,” a three-song EP recorded at Solid Sound Recording Co. in Ann Arbor last year.

“We were just itching to get some studio material out, but we didn’t have the funding to do a whole record again. We picked three of our shorter songs, banged out a two-day session at Solid Sound and did all the tracking,” Lanseur said. “We had it mixed and mastered here and there over a month, and we released the EP’s songs as singles first over the course of three months. By the fall, we had released it on major streaming platforms as the complete EP.”

The “Solid Sound” EP is part of the band’s broader growth strategy to release more music for fans and keep them engaged. That strategy also includes returning to the studio soon and launching a GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaign to fund their next full-length album.

“We haven’t released a record of never-heard-before material since we’re a band that plays live a lot,” Lanseur said. “When we write a new song, we don’t want to wait,  and we usually play it for people right away. The big goal is to write a record and keep a lot of that material secret until the release so that our fans can get hit with a wave of sound the first time from us.”

In the meantime, Stormy Chromer will continue building a strong live following with a May 10 show at the Tonic Room in Chicago and a May 11 set at Night of the Living Red 3, a Mancelona-based music festival hosted by Traverse City rock electronica sextet Biomassive.

“After these shows, we’re going to take some time off until June,” Lanseur said. “We do have some exciting shows planned for later this summer and early fall, and we want to get the ball rolling early on some parties that will be very big.”

Show details:

“420 show” – Stormy Chromer with Pajamas and Earth Radio

8 p.m. Saturday

The Blind Pig

208 S. First St. in Ann Arbor

Tickets: $10

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