Mystic Mind – Rebekah Faidia Channels Jimi Hendrix’s Creative Spirit in Latest Single

Rebekah Faidia brings dream and neo soul to life in her latest single, “Mystic Mind.” Photo by Lance Marczak, Divine Life Photography

Rebekah Faidia knows how to keep the spirit of Jimi Hendrix alive.

As a dream neo soul-pop singer-songwriter, Faidia beautifully reimagines the guitar legend’s creative world from “Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)” in her latest single, “Mystic Mind (Session 2).”

“It’s about exploring things in life that are little bit more mysterious,” she said. “It’s about my music, that world and everything that I want my music to inspire and evoke in people. It’s an introduction to me and my music.”

Faidia makes a mesmerizing introduction on “Mystic Mind,” which features soft, ethereal vocals woven with vibrant, atmospheric electric guitars and deep synths – “Take a ride into my mystic mind/You’ll have the time of your life/And if you see my soul looks like it’s fool’s gold/It’s all yours/You can indulge.”

She takes listeners on a “ride into that electric sky” to open and free the mind to new possibilities. The track itself serves as a four-minute escape into a romantic realm that lies somewhere in between “Edward Scisscorhands” and “The Shape of Water.”

Interestingly, Faidia recorded two versions of the track at Metro 37 Recording Studio in Rochester Hills with producer and engineer Kevin Sharp. Both versions are similar with the exception of a newly added guitar solo from Motor City multi-genre vocalist and guitarist Kyle Mikolajczyk.

Faidia started working with Mikolajczyk earlier this year after meeting him through mutual friend and bassist Cameron Shawcross. The trio also added drummer Garrett Ramsden to the lineup.

“Kyle’s really involved in the music scene. He’s also playing with me, and as of now, we’ve done stuff in the studio,” Faidia said. “We don’t have any live performances scheduled right now because we’re in the process of doing a lot of different things.”

Glass Dream and Cover Me

Rebekah Faidia has released four singles and a six-song EP. Photo by Lance Marczak, Divine Life Photography

Outside of “Mystic Mind,” Faidia, an Ann Arbor native, has released two other hypnotic dream neo soul-pop singles this year, including “Glass Dream” and “Cover Me.”

Glass Dream” includes slow bellowing guitars and moody synths to reflect the somber nature of Faidia’s other dreamlike single – “I see pieces of my glass dream reflected in the light/When I go to pick it up/It’s nowhere in sight.”

Despite its initial dark theme, “Glass Dream” includes a silver lining related to perseverance, courage and commitment. “I don’t remember the dream that well, but it was a dream that left a strong impression on me. It’s like you wake up, and you feel really, really peaceful,” she said. “It’s about looking for that feeling in real life, and I know people who have experienced moments like that.”

Meanwhile, “Cover Me” skyrockets with high-tone guitars intertwined with sharp horns and steady, rhythmic drumbeats – “Better than a dream to me/Not quite reality/Can we please go somewhere/So I can just stop and stare/At this love you cover me with.”

Faidia’s catchy track celebrates the euphoria of newfound love and plants the seeds for a lifelong romance. “I wrote it like two, three years ago, and that was one of the singles that got made into a music video at the old studio,” she said. “Back then, it was a ballad, and then I brought it to the new studio, and I had wanted to remake it, and now it’s more of a faster, jazzy pop song.”

The Willow Tree and Weave Dreams into Life

In 2018, Faidia released the nostalgic, heartfelt “The Willow Tree” electro ballad and a haunting, introspective dream neo soul-pop six-track EP, “Weave Dreams into Life,” that eloquently chronicles the unpredictable twists and turns of following one’s passion.

“That was my first release ever, and that was done at Metro 37. ‘Weave Dreams into Life’ is a lyric from one of the songs on there called ‘We Are Not Afraid,’” Faidia said. “I named it that because it was a dream that I had weaved into life. It was an introduction to finally making this thing a reality. Those songs are pretty raw, and I’m really proud of them.”

Faidia’s love of music goes well beyond 2018. As the daughter of a Swedish mother and Haitian father, she started taking voice lessons at age seven and grew up listening to Motown, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone.

After dabbling with musical theater in high school, Faidia sang with a jazz band, joined an Ann Arbor studio and recorded an initial set of tracks that were never released.

“I learned about being in the studio and writing my own songs. I learned that whole process, and then I contacted a studio called Metro 37, and that’s when my music started to get released,” Faidia said. “It snowballed into meeting Kyle, playing live and having a band.”

With a budding music career, Faidia plans to record a video for “Mystic Mind” and continues to write and record new material at Metro 37. She’s bringing a dynamic soul rock feel to her sound and weaving in new ideas and concepts.

“I have a couple of songs that are in the studio right now. I haven’t decide which one of those two I’m going to release because early next year I’d like to release a new EP,” she said. “I have a lot of things in the works, and they have an idea of a song that I’d like to release. It’s called “Like Water.”

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