Farewell AF – Wilson Hosts ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ Shows Saturday at The Crofoot

Wilson will perform their final three shows Saturday night at The Crofoot.

Wilson will take their final bow of fuckery Saturday night in Pontiac.

The Detroit multi-genre quartet will host three farewell banger shows filled with debauchery and shenanigans for longtime, hardcore fans at The Crofoot.

“The shows will be closure for us and everyone who’s been involved. It will be emotional, but relieving at the same time,” said Jason Spencer, Wilson’s co-founder and guitarist. “We’ve always been transparent with our fans, that’s always been important to me, but all in all, the fans have been polite and supportive.”

Along with bandmates Chad Nicefield (vocals), James Lascu (bass) and Matt Puhy (drums), Spencer announced Wilson’s indefinite hiatus and “Thank You, Goodnight” farewell shows Nov. 6 via the band’s Facebook page. After a decade filled with in-your-face rock, hip-hop and all things ‘90s, the band will celebrate an explosive era three different ways:

1.  A “Wilson’s House of Fuckery” 4:30 p.m. pre-party in The Crofoot’s Vernors Room with band conversations and a past, present and future walk-through as well as a silent auction with proceeds benefiting the Lighthouse of Oakland County and MusiCares.

2. A 6 p.m. performance of “Tasty Nasty” and “Right to Rise” in their entirety on The Crofoot Ballroom stage. The Messenger Birds, Red Stone Souls and Ladysse will provide support.

3. A 10 p.m. performance of “Full Blast Fuckery” in its entirety on The Pike Room stage. Strange Magic will provide support.

Each show will encompass part of Wilson’s history at their “hometown” venue and allow devoted fans to engage one last time with these genre-bending titans. In a sense, it will be like viewing the exhilarating and exhausting journey through each band member’s eyes.

“The Vernors Room pre-party will consist of props/outfits from old videos, stage props and a bunch of visual aspects. Our fans have always loved the gimmicky parts of the band, so we figured this could be a fun way to obtain items for their Wilson collections … no joke, we have fans who have made entire rooms out of Wilson items,” Spencer said.

“The Ballroom will be a standard Wilson headliner with some visual aspects. But the final show in The Pike Room will be the most intense show because it’s the type of room that has played a big part in our history. You know, punk-rock club style … just wild.”

Getting Free Beer at MSU

Wilson’s wild beginnings date back to 2010 when Spencer and an earlier lineup of musicians formed a band to get free beer at Michigan State University campus parties. It served as liquid gold for a group of humorous, driven students who quickly created a catchy fusion of hard rock, punk rock and hip-hop throughout East Lansing.

That loyal East Lansing following soon morphed into a growing fan base after releasing their debut EP, “Standing on the Reel,” in 2010. Three years later, Wilson dropped their first full-length album, “Full Blast Fuckery” via Easy Killer Records.

“That EP is actually one of my favorites, alongside ‘Full Blast Fuckery.’ But ‘FBF’ resonates with me because it’s the most honest Wilson. It captured the band at a destructive and wild era. We had that ‘appetite for destruction’ attitude, and it came through, and people could hear that,” Spencer said.

“Going back and listening now, I can see and almost feel myself sitting in the hot seat, recording guitar parts and making jokes in the studio. We lived out of a Howard Johnson hotel in Garden Grove, Calif., drinking Canadian whiskey and PBR and eating pizza and free cereal from the hotel lobby. The highlights were usually free entry to the strip club down the street or late nights in West Hollywood. But now, listening to it as a nearly sober dude who hasn’t eaten cereal in like three years, I laugh and shake my head at the chaos.”

With their chaotic, ballsy nature, Wilson quickly appealed to international fans who wanted a rip-roaring live experience fueled with catchy rhymes and addictive guitar riffs. They followed up “Full Blast Fuckery” with two other electro-charged albums,  the Detroit-inspired “Right to Rise” (2015) via Razor & Tie Records and the raucous, brash “Tasty, Nasty” (2018) via Sony RED MUSIC.

Tasty, Nasty” features an 11-track mind-bending journey through nostalgia and endearing nonsense, including the opening track, “Dumptruck.” This punchy tune chants a singalong chorus, “This shit bumps/This shit fucks/This shit dumps like a dumptruck,” while the next 35 minutes push listeners through a hilarious, self-deprecating experience.

“To be honest, it’s a tearjerker thinking about the past decade. We’ve been through so much as people and bandmates. Shit, I literally spent all of my 20s in this band,” Spencer said. “We’ve experienced breakups, divorces, substance abuse issues, music industry demons, death and more. But we’ve also experienced the world and have seen it from a lens that most people only dream of. It’s truly been a rollercoaster.”

Locking the ‘House of Fuckery’























After four studio releases and a decade of global touring, Wilson has decided to lock the door on their “House of Fuckery” – at least for now. Guitarist Kyle Landry also departed in July. Going into 2020, the band will pursue other projects inside and outside of the music industry.

“It wasn’t easy, but I think we all came to terms that the music industry was sleeping on us. Not saying the fans weren’t there – they were the primary reason we kept going. Things just didn’t pan out the way we envisioned, and it became progressively hard to exist as a human being,” said Spencer, who’s pursuing another business opportunity.

“You know, when you’re in your 20s, sleeping on floors, couches or Plant Fitness parking lots, is exciting. However, when you’re doing the same at 30 and worrying about bills and life in general, it can become depressing. Not to mention, as we’ve gotten older, our personal preferences started to show more, which made it harder to coexist on a daily basis. We’re all humans, it’s natural. It was just time to move on, respectively.”

Show details:

Wilson’s “Thank You, Goodnight” The Final Party

Saturday, 4:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The Crofoot, 1 Saginaw Highway in Pontiac

Tickets: $12, $15 and $40

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