Be Now Media – Max Preissner Helps Artists, Creatives and Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Be Now Media team
Kyla McGrath, Max Preissner, Chris Simpson and Carter Smeader provide marketing, consulting and production services through Be Now Media. Photo – Kyla McGrath

Max Preissner understands the importance of being present and helping others.

The Ann Arbor hip-hop artist, entrepreneur and educator follows this personal mantra as founder and CEO of Be Now Media, a newly rebranded marketing agency, media production company and record label.

“This entire rebrand is based on my strongest core value, which is helping people with my knowledge and experiences. I used to think that was only possible through my own music,” said Preissner, aka Max Price.

“However, I recently realized that through Be Now Media I can increase my positive effect exponentially by helping people who help others.”

After struggling with anxiety and depression in his early 20s, Preissner read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment and learned how to be present.

“I learned that most of my suffering was coming from my thoughts. By focusing my attention on the present moment and my senses, I could calm or stop the thoughts and the suffering,” Preissner said. “I have tested this extensively, and it still holds true to this day.”

To focus on the present, Preissner started meditating and created a personal development plan that was inspired by different programs and teachings. Those efforts resulted in a renewed mindset, which helped him revisit his daily priorities and recalibrate his outlook on life.

“I’ve meditated every day for the past two years, and I decided to make self-management my No. 1 priority,” said Preissner, who holds a Master of Arts in music business from Berklee College of Music and teaches a “Self-Management for Artists” course at Washtenaw Community College.

“I have developed a routine and structure for myself that allows me to live in the most effective, efficient and authentic way possible.”

As a next step, Preissner decided to rebrand his MindState Marketing and Media company as Be Now Media. The rebrand better reflects the skills, values and passions he’s developed in life.

“This has provided me with an ultimate sense of purpose and fulfillment in life, and I want to share that experience with others,” Preissner said.

“It has led me to a place where I have turned my dreams into reality. The idea for the rebrand just came to me, and the name ‘Be Now’ represents everything that I’m about.”

Be Now logo
Be Now Media supports local creatives through partnerships with Grove Studios and

Through Be Now Media, Preissner provides marketing, consulting and production services for artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. That portfolio of services also includes a new online “Be Now Program,” which helps clients develop personal and professional growth plans to pursue their passions.

“When you aren’t pursuing or achieving your dreams, then you may become depressed and have regrets. The ‘Be Now Program’ is a program of action steps that can lead you to the same results that I’ve had,” said Preissner, who’s gained millions of views online for his own work and projects with clients.

“It helps you define your ideal life and gives you a structure to work toward every day. It will help create fulfillment in your life because you’re working toward the life you want to live.”

Throughout July, Preissner is offering a special discount to spotlight the Be Now Media rebrand. New customers will receive a 50 percent discount on services ranging from marketing consultation and implementation to audio and video production.

“I’m going to be hosting a lot of my content on Teachable in an online course format. I’m focusing very hard on quality and building a strong foundation right now, but will still be growing the program over time,” Preissner said.

“I really want to get it out in the community here first because the Michigan music scene is filled with so many incredible artists who deserve to achieve their own success.”

The “Be Now Program” is also free to all followers of Be Now Media, Grove Studios and This promotion celebrates partnerships with the Ypsilanti 24/7 self-serve recording studio and the Motor City hip-hop music website.

“Max and his team have done a great job for Grove Studios by maximizing our reach and improving our marketing strategy. This has allowed us to garner thousands of new followers and hundreds of new customers,” said Rick Coughlin, Grove Studios co-founder and chief vision officer.

“They have produced professional content in the form of event coverage, drone video, livestreams, podcasts and commercials that we’ve been able to use for various marketing campaigns and paid ads, which have produced a significant return on investment for us. Max’s team is always coming up with creative ideas and insights to help move our brand forward.”

For Be Now Media, Preissner has assembled a talented roster of teammates, including media director Kyla McGrath and marketing specialists Chris Simpson and Carter Smeader. He’s also starting a record label to release his own music as well as new material from emerging artists.

“I’m honored to have my team, and we wouldn’t be where we are without them. With the rebrand, I also have a better structure and way to scale things, so we’re going to be looking for more interns and team members,” Preissner said.

“I love art and entrepreneurship because I see them as the best paths to influence people in a positive way. I’m just one person, but with Be Now Media, I can help other people do the same thing.”

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